What makes Urbanpro a different type of startup?

What makes Urbanpro a different type of startup?

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Learning newer activities is a tough task. Not because of the difficulty that you might face in learning it, but because of the tutors that make it that difficult. Finding the right platform through which you find experienced tutors for whatever the reasons is a tough task indeed. But this didn’t stop Rakesh Kalra.

Rakesh Kalra is the founder of Urbanpro because he couldn’t find experienced tutors for his children extracurricular activities when he moved back from the US after 11 years. The platform is unique and helps students connect to different tutors based on the experience and learning requirement.



The Urbanpro site has enabled several tutors, coaches and other trainers to post their services on the website for free. Everyone and anyone can post their services for free or can charge some amount. Based on the skill or service offered, the customer can choose the time and location to avail those services.

Rakesh started the venture, and later there were others as we who joined him, namely Bhavana Kalra, Ramasamy B, and Vikram Gawande. Each one of them bringing at least 15 years of experience with them to help the company grow substantially. From a handful of members to well over 100 members, the company has come a long way.

Urbanpro business model

Urbanpro has created a unique platform where several tutors and students and interact with each other to avail services. Till date, there have been more than 3 million connections between teachers and students. Based on the learning curve, the company has helped well over 2.6 million students find the right teachers based on the learning curve and services required.


UrbanPro business model

The deep matching engines helps in matching the right tutors to the students that are in need of services or learning activities. Urbanpro ratings say for itself as to how successful the platform has become. The company has established different solutions such as worksheets, assignments and other offline courses such that the interaction between the student and the teacher can be maintained for a long-term association.

The platform has a premium model where tutors and institutes can generate student leads based on the categories that they might have chosen. The company is growing mainly due to the matching of the right tutors to the right students. Such that the interaction is what is making Urbanpro online courses to be popularized. And more and more students are availing the services.

Future plans of Urbanpro


UrbanPro future plans

The plans of Urbanpro comprises of a frictionless process in connecting student to tutors for the right courses and classes. The company is thriving to do more than provides courses. But to diversify the operations in delivering education and learning courses to students and individuals from all across the country. According to Crunchbase, the total funding received till date is $2 million.

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