What makes Fynd the best bet in the Indian eCommerce Space


Fynd, a Mumbai-based fashion e-commerce startup was founded by Harsh Shah, Farooq Adam, and Sreeraman MG, the three highbrow techies from IIT-Bombay. The motive was clear, understanding consumer behaviour in the evolution of online shopping and consumer expectations. The trio of IIT-Bombay perceived the trending transformation and laid the foundation of a fashion e-commerce platform with latest and trendy in-store fashion on the internet. Sourcing from the most eminent brands in our country, this Online to Offline company targets numerous categories including clothing, footwear, accessories and jewelleries.


The high-speed delivery within a duration of 4 to 6 hours without any compromise in the quality of the product is the veil side of the concept of Fynd.


Startup means state of mind, the state to learn, reinvent and focus. The urge of understanding the reality made the trio from IIT-Bombay, a phoenix to rise  from Shopsense, a B2B retail solution to Fynd, a B2C e-commerce marketplace  in November 2015. The basic aim of Fynd is to partner with the offline brand stores in your vicinage and provide swift delivery service in 4-6 hours.


If we dive into the data, Fynd has registered almost 1 lakh downloads on Google Play Store and around 8000 downloads on iOS.



Idiosyncracy of Fynd:

  • Option of ‘Fynd a fit’ wherein, a customer can ask for small, medium or large size and the delivery personnel will reach up to the latter with all the sizes to make the consumer sure of the size.
  • In recent, a feature called ‘Fynd Store’ has been introduced to provide an opportunity for the retailers to enhance their sales through both the offline and online shopping platforms. This feature not only upswings the sale of potential brands, but also holds advantage of blended selling opportunities across different stores.
  • The salient feature of the startup is to make the availability of products within a duration of 4-6 hours.



Fly of Fynd:

  1. More than 60,000 products and styles made by prominent brands.
  2. 1 million downloads on Google Play Store.




Most of the campaigns of Fynd flashed on Google, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. With the help of Facebook they were successful in acquiring maximum count of loyal customers. Of all these platforms Twitter emerged to be the most expensive one.


Moreover, securing iOS users were two times expensive than the Android users. But, the conversion rate and loyalty of iOS users was noteworthy.



What grabs my attention about Fynd is that among myriad of online shopping applications is the speedy same day delivery of products and that too in just 4-6 hours. Fynd does not possess the inventory in stock, rather it picks the item from the nearby store and gets it delivered for you.



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