Veda Rehab and Wellness: superlative luxury rehabilitation centres launching soon in Bengaluru

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Many individuals often wonder whether there is an ‘ideal’ lifestyle that they can subscribe to and live in person. The reasons for such thinking arrive because the individuals in question, believe they can do so much better than their current selves; there’s a sense of wanting to ‘improve’ their life so to speak. While the internet is both a great place and also a not-so-great place to start one’s journey to self-improvement, it is prudent to reason that given a choice, a significant number of people are not satisfied with their current selves and want to be better, both personally and professionally. 

When we imagine life as a constant day to day interaction between the human body’s sense organs and mind; with the stimuli presented to us in the external world, one is bound to make mistakes from time to time; the exact process that one followed as a child in order to explore the world and learn to walk and talk. External stimuli are dime a dozen today, and there are documented instances where individuals have often let their minds and bodies astray due to over-indulgence in one or more particular stimuli; like substances of a mind-altering nature like alcohol and drugs; a lack of proper lifestyle habits; incidents of trauma etc. just to name a few. However, there is professional help around. 

Today, at Bangalore Insider we spoke to the Manun Thakur, MD of Veda Rehab and Wellness, a facility that seeks to help individuals going through substance use and addiction issues that are weighing them down considerably in their personal and professional life. The facility will be launching in Bengaluru soon, and we’re sure it will be a great help in ensuring that the people of Bengaluru get the professional help they need from qualified professionals and services. Below are the excerpts from our interaction.

How have clinical outcomes for patients with long-term issues such as substance abuse been so far? Since the treatment protocol changes depending on the substance and time of usage; do you believe a long-term solution to addiction has been found?

Substance abuse treatment employs a variety of group treatment models to meet client needs during the multiphase process of recovery. During addiction, a person’s body chemistry and the wiring in the brain changes as they become dependent on the substance. Therefore, the process of getting treatment and reaching long-lasting sobriety may take an extended period of time and yes, a long-term solution to addiction has been found.

Do you think that mental health is being understood more by the masses, especially owing to the developments in neuroscience over the past decade where scientists are interested in exploring more pathways and mechanisms to heal the mind and brain?

As of now mental health awareness is spreading and more masses are becoming aware of these concepts, however the societal stigma still continues and only a few limited people seek professional help for mental disorders. Owing to neuroscience and development research more resources and materials are now available for the masses to understand mental health from a better and wider perspective. As the world thrives further, mental health awareness and seeking professional help is becoming increasingly important.

Is it right to say that you cater to the socio-economic elite of the top 1 percent of India? Considering the services you’ve mentioned, they’re one of their kinds in terms of the complete under one roof solutions that centralizes the professionals and services at the same place; and therefore, ought to be targeted accordingly.

The treatment at Veda rehab and wellness is through a holistic approach. It is right that our services are one of a kind and complete under one roof centralising the best team of doctors and professionals at the same place. At Veda we have a range of treatment packages to fit a variety of population and having said that we definitely cater to more than 1% of the socio-economic strata including the elite.

When is the Bengaluru facility likely to be ready; where is it going to be located and what are your plans for the city’s target demographic for this financial year? Any partnerships with institutes like NIMHANS on the cards?

Our facility in Bangalore would be ready to open very soon. The location and demographics would be on the website for the masses to explore sometime. We are an independent facility and hence partnerships would not be on the cards as we adopt our own programs very discreet to Veda and believe in giving complete private care to all our clients.

Your company is all about mental health at its core; how can we make mental health more accessible as per you knowing of course that a huge benefit would probably come from advanced drug development.

There is no other suffering like mental illness, because the human mind has an enormous capability and if these capabilities work in our favour the life becomes fantastic. 7 out of 10 young people say mental health is weighing them down and they are getting addicted to a substance or including a disorder in them. The pandemic has amplified pre-outbreak mental health concerns. We can make mental health more accessible by engaging with people and having a genuine empathetic approach to one’s in need. Social media is a powerful tool for connectivity, especially for you to connect with potential patients. Addiction is a part of many people’s lives, but so is social media, these various platforms can be a way to connect with and educate others.

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