Bangalore’s top self-driving car rental companies that you should try!!

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Bangalore is a diverse city that spans far and wide. Covering such an extent of land, commuting might get more robust. Especially for those travel junkies who want to travel the city and head out for a long drive. Well, nothing is stopping them from going, but the unavailability of a car can always jeopardise any plan of travelling.

Thus, to save you from the misery, we have provided the list of car rental companies in Bangalore that you can rent out the car of your choice and head on to the destination where you seem fit. Check it out!!


Local car rental companies


Zoom car


Zooming past its competitors like its name, zoom cars has undoubtedly made an impact in the self-driving industry of the country and the city of Bangalore. Where buying a car might some expensive, renting it out is the new trend.


With well over 20 lakh happy customers that availed affordable rates on vehicles and some well-maintained fleet of cars, it’s no doubt that the company never fails to impress. There are constant offers and discounts that you can choose from and even avail the opportunity to rent out luxury vehicles as well.


My Choize


The company is the child of Japan’s largest self-driving company called ORIX. If you are looking for the best of Japanese service and traditions to inflict on the cars, then it’s a must-try.


You can choose vehicles from an hourly, weekly, monthly or periodical basis. There are different plans for every car that you prefer. Also, you can avail special discounts for a more significant number of days that you book a car.




From being an unknown company a few years back to become the priority choice for everyone to rent cars, Revv is undoubtedly disrupting the self-driving car rental experience in Bangalore by offering the best processes in the car rental business.


With its less than 2-minute renting a policy, you can rent out cars right from your smartphones through their dedicated application. Also, they have all their vehicle insured and offer 10,000-rupee insurance if anything were to go wrong.




Though it might not be a company based in Bangalore, it sure does offer is car rental services from Delhi. They have their application for both android and IOS, which is sharply and uniquely designed to cater to all your requirements in a self-driving rental car venture.


Some of the cars that you rent out are BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and many more. Also, there are other sedans and SUV’s that can rent out for several days that you wish. Growing to be the best car rental company in Bangalore, it sure does deliver to the promise of providing the best of car rental service.




One of the biggest self-care driving companies in the city, it offers the best discounts and rates that you can ever get. Compared to all other companies listed here, drivzey takes no deposit, provides door to door car rental pick up and drop services, split charges and so much more.


It’s one way through which you can avail the best of self-driving experience while saving up considerably on fuel and other charges.


Vroom drive


Hidden charges are what drives the customer away, but then with vroom drive, what you see is what you pay for the self-driving rental car experience. Also, the company offers special fast tag cards and cars with or without fuel based on your preferences.


Hence, if you are looking for a wholesome way to rent out a car without having any tension about how much you might have to pay in the end, the vroom drive is the company for you.


Thus, the above-given list of local car rental companies in Bangalore can surely elevate the experience of driving through their fleet of cars to choose from. Hence, check them out and book your first drive now!! All the best.



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