AI startups in Bangalore

Top 6 AI startups in Bangalore.

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Bangalore is one city in India that has to offer a lot in terms of shopping, innovation, and technology; the city packs a punch in delivering the best. Startups have been the forefront of the city, and the town offers a wide range of best AI startups in Bangalore. There is a diverse range of startups that the city has to offer such that you can expect a plethora of options to be present at your disposal. Hence, without further ado, lets looks at a comprehensive list of AI startups in Bangalore that make a difference in the field and which are doing well. Let’s get started.

Sig tuple.

Sig tuple

Sig Tuple happens to be one of the best AI healthcare startups in Bangalore. It offers a wide range of services that helps in improving the efficiency and accuracy in disease diagnosis and treatment. With the help of machine learning, cloud-based solutions, you can get a comprehensive solution to all your problems on the go.

With machine learning and deep AI integration, they can detect the type of condition that you might be affected by the patterns and symptoms of the condition. The startups also provide unique analysis of blood, urine, and semen samples. It’s a promising startup that could revolutionize the healthcare platform entirely.

Daily hunt.

daily hunt

DailyHunt tops the list of the top AI startup in Bangalore. The company is an India exclusive news-based company that curates news and updates form all the regions of the country. The app through which you use the companies services is flexible in which region you wish to choose from.

There are several changes that one can perform due to the app interface, such as changing the language, font size, nationality, and much more. The entire application that they offer is said to be run on complex algorithms that implement artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide exclusive news updates on the go.



Another great AI-based startup is Mfine. It’s a mobile application that offers consumers to know the best doctors near them for the particular problem that they might be facing. It features several top partitionists, gynecologists, pediatricians and top of the line general medicine stores as well. Along with the services mentioned above, the application offer services of sample collection for lab tests, medicine delivery, medical records delivery, and appointment bookings, and much more.



If you are in the market for the best AI machine learning startup in Bangalore, then NetraDyne is the one-stop-shop for all your solutions. It focuses primarily on deep learning and machine learning problems such that effective utilization of the drones can be developed to enhance it with collision avoidance and unmanned Arial systems.

It provides an array of applications such that it can collect real-time data visual information from drones for the applications of agriculture or site inspection. But further expanding into ventures of automotive, security, and the surveillance industries.



Often, there aren’t enough sales-oriented application in the market that can make life easier for individuals working for the sales department. But Vymo happens to make a difference. A cloud-based app that helps in automating sales activities and making the entire process of sales a more straightforward process.

Also, through its complex algorithms, it provides decision-making capabilities for the questions regarding sales. Everything that you would require form a financial-based application is present at the click of a button through the app.



A private cloud-based platform that offers a significant source of independent experts that provide analytical solutions based on the client’s problems through intuitive models and a variety of sources for data. The company specializes in such affairs in providing a necessary model that could provide practical solutions and optimize these models based on the surveys and data collection. Their client list is quite impressive such as Facebook, Samsung, IPL, Motorola, and many more.

Hence, the above-given list of startups is the best in the field of AI and has revolutionized the way the world looks at AI. Also, the above-given companies have a comprehensive take on working with AI and there are almost 67000 software companies but 12000 companies work full time.

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