The equipment less "Gym" is revolutionizing the work out regime in the country

The equipment less “Gym” is revolutionizing the work out regime in the country

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Let’s face the truth; it’s become a burden for many to even utilize the yearly subscription of gyms because of the laziness and other humanly factors restricting us from working out. But then trying out something new at a gym can make you want to go there for more.

The equipment less "Gym" is revolutionizing the work out regime in the country

Thus, this is where Deepak Poduval and Rishab Telang started the “cult fitness centre” which was soon going to revolutionize the way the people of India started to work out. It was utterly machine less, and there was no equipment required: only the trainer and the customers.

Initial days of the company

Cult is a trainer driven venture that helps in providing practical classes in the fields of yoga, mixed martial arts, and much more. There are no fancy equipment’s but does include a boxing ring, boxing bags, weights and other unique equipment’s.

Initial days of the company

When the idea was first put into effect, there were challenges of infrastructure, educating people based on what they have to offer and getting the demographic to avail what they can offer. It was certainly an uphill task. But both of the founders have a bachelors degree and have worked corporate jobs before quitting it and starting this very venture of theirs.

Cult’s pathway to success

With a seed investment of about 75 lakh rupees, they started to take classes nearby a lake on empty land by gaining customers all through the word of mouth process and slowly created a revolution indeed.

Slowly they started incorporating trainers and spread to well over 200 memberships and are still growing on a rapid scale. The primary source of income of the membership programs which was somewhere in the region of 35,000-45,000 rupees based on the type of membership that you are looking to have.

Cult's pathway to success

The main expenditures that they ever had were the trainer’s fee and nothing else. Rest all the profits or revenue where collected and put back into the company for further expansion and investment into other events and growth. Also, they started organized workshops, and these weren’t any ordinary workshops, they had proper workshops where fitness was tested and also organized marathon runs as well.

As of now, they are spread across Bangalore in various location and also spread in other cities as well. The last round of funding that the ever received was about 200 million rupees back in 2016 according to CrunchBase.

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