Meet Pushpa: Helping Blind People to Write Their Papers

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Meet Pushpa she is working in a corporate and apart from her job she is also helping poor and blind people to write their exams. It is not an easy task and very few people actually have patience and zeal to help blind people.

“By giving money it might suffix one day or two but if you build their carrier it will help them not to depend on anyone”, says Pushpa.

Pushpa wanted to be a doctor but her circumstances did not allow her to choose a career of her choice but today she is happy as she has also engaged herself in voluntary support to poors in regard to their health checkups with the help of doctors. Look at the whole interview with Pushpa and see what make her choice this as her second career to shape the career of others with her support.

Pushpa with her Students



Tell us about yourself, your previous jobs/ventures? What were you doing before choosing this field?

 My education was graduation normal one and did my computer diploma and holder/ certificate courses like MS projects, ISO 9001: 2008 internal Auditor. Career background learned many applications and right now I’m working in Target prior to this I was with Nokia, Amazon,

Personal was really very bad as such I was from a poor family background and no one supported either from relatives. Had struggled lot to leave life. I and my mother and brother had to struggle with one-time food those days and no proper facilities to lead the life at least middle class. I have seen my mother going for the job and the salary was not sufficient what she was getting as she is not well educated. And my brother and I had to work and earn to lead the life. Life was so difficult for us to lead and did not have any idea as what to do in this Bangalore. I had a dream to become a doctor but I could not do that.  Many times we all had drunk only water and fulfilled our stomach. Sometimes I can say water was the only breakfast, lunch and dinner for us. Education was far away for us. There are lot of personal stories but I only feel is that you can achieve any think if you work hard.  I always say to people I am not the best. But not like rest.



How did you land up doing what you do now?

Accidentally, I came across this line. One of my friends was doing volunteering and she asked me to do and see the experience first time I was really got irritated when I will move out of this examination hall. But when I went home and saw all the problems that I went through and then realized if someone would have done like this I would not have been as what today. Let me help and started to write and today I am standing 668 exams and this month 7 exams I have taken for ECONOMICS  which is lined up for May month

 Actually, It accidently happened to go for scribe years back and it took me till today. Actually, the first experience was really felt I don’t have the patience to write and was feeling like when will this get out. I was in this mode for getting out at the earliest from that examination hall the reason was I had to repeat one questions 20 to 30 times and wait till he recollects the answer for that.  But after realizing my past ( when I was studying in 7th exam  because not paying my fees I was asked to walk out and not take the exam but by God’s graces  my mother had to ask many of my neighbors and got to appear in the exam. I still rember that movement how many people she asked. And finally some one should the sympathy and paid after that we had paid back to that lady. But that movement time she helped us which I could not forget. And later in college even in the Govt. college you had to pay the fees it’s not free admission One polio person who does not had the one leg and he ended paying my fees and I could not depend fully on others to pay for my education so I did as and when I wanted and when I went to college I had only two pairs of dress where all my friends was teasing me and telling me you have only two where I used to swap that two pairs of dress. Not had proper books to purchase. Today God has given me to afford to do for someone.  I still cry many times rembering all those day I went across. Finally I took one goal that here afterwards how much it would be tough I will take up and write for them and support as much as I can. And I took up all the subjects to write and started to get used to their way length and understand them.



What motivates you?

My family and friends motivates me. There are many people who need support to come up in there career if you have a good heart and helping nature I am sure you can get a smile on their faces. One thing we have to think God is given good things to us see the world there is nothing to them and we in our daily life Crip that is not good this is not good though we have everything. Think of people who are in streets and don’t have good facilities some people don’t have food to eat also.  I am happy and get motivated by others also to do many things.


How do you plan to stay ahead of your competitors?  

If you work hard I am sure God will bless and also your hard work will bring you success one or the other day. I don’t go with competitors but I am sure working hard to reach your goals will help people to come forward.




If not the current profession, what would you have been?

I  would have been a doctor but unfortunately, I  did not landed elsewhere but never less I do a lot of volunteering for seva helping poor people to get health check with the help of doctors and other people to treat government school children’s.



Were your parents supportive of what you are doing? What impact have they had on your life?

My parents are really happy with what I am doing and they support to me in everything I do. The impact, Yes many things Patience. Listening skills, Knowledge, Can face any situation you will build that confidence. And there is a lot to learning from them seeing their high goals and aspiration you will make yourself to grow up with your own goals




What are your plans for the next 2 years?

 I would like to support in whatever way I can do to society I will sure do at the best and I am sure there will be like me many likeminded people who would like to help the needy. We all can build the team and so more to the society in many ways




What does a typical day off from work consist of for you?

I would love to spend with family and do more work for needy people and learn many things




Any regrets till now? If yes, will you like to share it with our readers?

No regrets till now I regret that I lost all my childhood activities.


If you were given a choice of meeting any person you want, who will be that person?

Amir Khan  and Punit Raj Kumar


Any message that you want to send to your readers?

Yes, there are many messages like Approach, Ask, and Assist. And there is lack of people who come forward to support. So if you all are interested to spare few hours to teach /write exams please reach me. By giving money it might suffix one day or two but if you build their carrier it will help them not to depend on anyone.

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