Meet Mahesh, he is the founder of Gubbi Goodu Resort

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Spending time with oneself in quiet contemplation isn’t something that everyone is or was accustomed to, however it does serve its benefits. A hectic work life is one of urban civilization’s mainstays and sometimes, in the midst of our adrenaline-satisfying, dopamine-craving professional lifestyles, many of us tend to focus on the things that ought to serve as the greater good for all – mind-body balance, health, wellness, nutritious food and soaking up in the joy of nature, and recharge, spiritually, mentally and physically.

All that’s needed is a commitment to a lifestyle focused on bringing out one’s innate talents towards the benefit of all it would serve to touch. Good habits form the cornerstone of every life, and yet it is increasingly becoming clear that an overdose of work has been leading to all sorts of problems for urbanites all over the world, including our Bangalore. 

Today, at Bangalore Insider we spoke to Mahesh the founder of Gubbi Goodu Resort, a paradise situated 30 kilometres from the outskirts of Bangalore, serving as a vantage point for individuals seeking to get in touch with their inner selves amidst the bounty of nature. Below are the excerpts from our conversation. 

Please tell us a bit about yourself. Where were you born, where did you grow up?

I come from a town called Gubbi 20km from Tumkur. I did my schooling in Gubbi and later completed my B.E. from Siddaganga Institute of Technology (SIT), Tumkur. After which I moved to Bangalore where I started my first venture in manufacturing springs and wire forms. 

What were your previous ventures before starting Gubbi Goodu Farms?

I come from a background of hotel management. Initially I used to help my father run his hotel, called “Hotel Mahesh”. Through this venture I developed my passion for hospitality. Apart from this, I am an Industrialist by profession. I have been running a first-gen automotive industry manufacturing springs and wire forms called “Macho Engineering Industries” for 27 years now. 

When and How did the idea of starting a weekend getaway resort come to you? What Inspired you to go ahead?

I come from a background of hotel management. My dad used to run a hotel (Hotel Mahesh) which was famous for its Idlis served on banana leaf with ghee on top. Even today people remember us for that and call me Idli Mahesh. I have always had a passion for hospitality. As the first son, I used to support my dad in running the hotel. 

Initially, we built a private farmhouse for ourselves. The nature around was our inspiration. My passion for hospitality and love towards my hometown are the reasons we started Gubbi Goodu(GG). Rather than saying I created it, I believe that the power of nature created GG.

Who will you describe as your target demographic for Gubbi Goodu Farms? 

Gubbi Goodu is an ideal destination for all nature lovers, from kids to the elderly. GG offers various amenities including a play area for children, adventure games such as zipline and rope walk, indoor/outdoor games, rain dance, a swimming pool, cottages and workshops on farming and cooking etc. 

It is also an incredible destination for weddings or any other type of event. GG has a conference hall with a professional setup for corporate events, with the availability of team building activities. 

GG is an Ideal destination for couples looking for a weekend getaway to have romantic dates under stars, for friends to enjoy their night outs over the weekend or for families to get together and spend some quality time. It is also the perfect destination for individuals to detox and reunite with nature with the help of yoga, meditation and healthy food. 

You can experience all this and more at Gubbi Goodu.

There seems to be stiff competition in this sector. How does Gubbi Goodu Farms differentiate itself from its competitors? 

Gubbi Goodu Farms can provide one of the most refreshing weekend getaways from Bangalore. Roughly 30km away from the Bangalore city is this sweet escape from the concrete jungle. Gubbi Goodu is a lush green space, that brings you closer to nature. GG is known for varieties of vegetarian food. Here you can experience various activities from adventure games like zipline to yoga retreats and nature walks. GG is one of the most sustainable brands. The farm offers organic and sustainable products, they focus on health and practise zero waste and looks towards building a sustainable future and living in one with nature. 

To us, nature is key, we look at building a harmonious co-existence between animals and human beings, allowing them to connect and live together. 

What are the initial challenges you faced while starting this resort? How did you overcome it?

Initially, the availability of only vegetarian food on the menu was a challenge, we didn’t know how our meat loving customers would react. But we were sure that we only wanted to serve healthy vegetarian food of the best quality and variety. 

What initially posed as a challenge has now become our advantage. Our customers love our food. Many customers even said that they were able to forget their craving for non-vegetarian food when they are at GG. Various customers conduct sacred events such as marriages, naming ceremonies etc here at GG, hence serving only vegetarian food acts as an added advantage. 

As an entrepreneur managing different ventures, how do you manage your time?

I believe in establishing a right and self-sustaining system and culture. Moreover, I have a strong team who operates seamlessly acting as the backbone for all my operations and helps me balance my work. I also start my day early and prioritising and arrange the various tasks that need to be completed in a day. This further helps me to manage my time better.

Owning a resort is a dream for many. Do you spend quite a lot of time in the resort? How does a typical day look for you?

Starting Gubbi Goodu is like a dream come true for me. Yes, I do spend quite a lot of time at GG. The automotive industry I run is located 10 minutes from GG. 

A typical day for me starts at the break of dawn. I play badminton to get some exercise and then leave to my industry (Macho Engineering Industries). 

In the second half of my day, I like to spend at least 5 to 6 hours of my time at GG. During the lockdown, I spent the entire time at GG. I enjoyed waking up to the sound of birds and farming. The opportunity of being able to live amidst nature has been an absolute blessing for me. 

What are the future plans? Any expansion plans on the horizon? 

My long-term vision is to see GG as one of the must visit places around Bangalore, especially for nature lovers. Gubbi Goodu is one of the most sustainable brands and my aim is to create a chain of natural farms initially in Karnataka and gradually expanding to other states in India. Here at Gubbi Goodu we practise a zero-waste policy and look towards building a sustainable future and living in one with nature. 

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