Meet Maya Kalyanpur: she is an author of The Bangle seller and On the crest of a wave

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Philosophy is the foundation upon which humanity bases its existence. Without an ideology, a framework within which to understand the world that one inhabits in order to earn a livelihood, existence becomes a mundane routine, a task to be completed rather than an opportunity to develop and stimulate mental and physical progress. 

In everyone’s life, there is always, indeed there are always moments when one resolves to implement drastic changes. One wants to read more books, start working on fitness, have nutritious and healthy food, look better, be more social, have intellectual conversations and discussions, and in the process make money in order to live a comfortable life. Deep inside, everyone knows this. It is the ‘how’ part, and the challenge of cultivating good habits and breaking the old ones that leave many people reactive instead of being proactive, only resolving to begin the process sometime in the future rather than today.

As a trusted media portal intent to provide the most relevant and contextual information to all readers, Bangalore Insider respects and admires the journalists and writers of this world, whose intellects spur conversations, discussions and provide resourceful outlets for a reader to choose his or her opinions and beliefs, a framework to understand the increasingly complex world that we currently inhabit. In fact, the process of writing was one of the primary factors that led to humanity’s cognitive revolution. The age of information began with the first human being who thought about writing.       


Tell us about yourself, what do you like most about your field of work?


I have been a free-lance journalist for over three and a half decades having written for newspapers and magazines like India Today, Femina, Eves Weekly, Free Press Journal, Deccan Herald, Japan Times, Khaleej Times and The Times of India.  In 2016  I published my first novel “The Bangle Seller” which was well received. My second “On the Crest of a Wave” has just been published and a Book Launch was scheduled for Wednesday the 25th of September at Lahe Lahe ‘Santhe’, Indiranagar, Bangalore. 

As a Journalist I have enjoyed working on different subjects, immersed myself in research for specialized topics and met and interviewed interesting personalities. Now as an author I enjoy the process of creating my own characters in a totally imaginary scenario. Many sequences however are influenced by my extensive travels in India and abroad. My entire journey as a writer rests on these wonderful experiences.


Your previous job/venture? What were you doing before choosing this field?


I was in the field of education. My first job was as a Lecturer in English at Delhi University after which I did a stint in Advertising. After moving to Mumbai I started writing for a couple of Dailies and Magazines. My husband’s transfer to Tokyo took us to Japan where I taught English conversation at the Corporate level. I was also engaged in writing columns for the Japan Times. A few years later our move to Dubai gave me an opportunity to pursue a parallel career, teaching in a British International School and writing for the Khaleej Times for over four years. On my return to India I continued to write a regular column on ‘Parenting’ for the Times of India. 

How did you land up doing what you do now?


I have been writing ever since I finished my schooling from Rishi Valley. I have always explored different genres and finally found my true calling.


If not the current profession what would you have been?


An artist perhaps or an illustrator.


What motivates you to keep going?


The support and appreciation from my readers, friends and family. My travels, interactions with people of different cultures and reading motivates me.


Tell us what a day in your life looks like from the time you get up till you hit your bed at night?


I spend most of my time reading, meditating and helping people through ‘Reiki’.


Any regrets till now if yes please share it with our readers?


Absolutely no regrets. I’m a totally satisfied and blissful person’


If you were given a chance to meet any renowned personality who would that be?


If he were alive I would have loved to meet the late Nelson Mandela, someone with the great quality of ‘being able to forgive and forget’ those who imprisoned him for nearly three decades for something he hadn’t done. 


What is the biggest misconception that you think people have about you?


I have good relationships with most people I interact with, so the thought never occurred to me.  


Any message you want to send to you readers?


Keep an open mind, believe in yourself and take an interest in everything around you ….  finally be a voracious reader.


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