how to increase instagram followers

How to increase Instagram followers

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Ever wanted to have an Instagram account with thousands of followers? Well, today’s celebrities are known more for their Instagram followers count than the money their movies make in the box office. From actors to sports stars, from models to bloggers, everyone is in this crazy race to get Instagram followers and likes.

And it is not a bad thing to have. When you have a massive Instagram following you can make your voice reach a wider audience by just posting a photo. Having massive Instagram followers is good, provided those are achieved organically.

So, how to gain followers on Instagram? Some people think that is it a very hard process. It is not. In this article we share a few points that will help you reach that massive following that you always wanted.


Post good images

Think like a user. Whenever a beautiful image comes to our news feed, we often click the like button. We may or may not have known the account that posted it. But the image is so nice that you cannot resist clicking on the like button. And that happens only because of the power of the image. So, if you want your Instagram followers to increase and get some free Instagram followers instantly, get a good camera or a photographer.


Like images of other accounts that interest you

This might not seem as a powerful tool to many, but believe me it works. The idea is to grasp the other person’s attention by liking an image that they had posted. But do they even realize that you liked their picture? It might not seem likely to you, but trust me when I say this, everyone of them go through the accounts of people who have liked their image. And when you end up being one of the regular people to like their images, they follow you back. This is a sure shot way to gain Instagram followers for free


Follow other accounts

This is one of the best ways to increase your followers count. Follow other accounts and they are more likely to follow you. One study suggested that for every 100 follows you get around 9 to 10 follows back. When you follow accounts, make sure that the account do not have many followers. A user with less followers is more likely to follow you back then a user with hundred thousand followers.


Be regular in posting

This is important. Even if you have a hundred thousand followers and you stop posting regularly, you will end up losing followers. So be regular in posting. Create a social media weekly calendar. You can decide to post four or five times a week. One post can be a Monday motivation while another one can be a throwback Thursday. Regular posting coupled with great images is a sure shot recipe for getting Instagram followers fast.


Use proper hashtags

Use of proper hashtags can seriously accelerate your work to increase Instagram followers for free. And this has been more effective ever since Instagram introduced the feature by which users can follow hashtags. Use proper hashtags that resonate with your image. Don’t use hashtags that are not related to your post and don’t use too many of them either.


Write good copy

A good image with a not so good caption or text will mostly go unnoticed. One of the strongest incentives for anyone to like an image is the reasoning behind it. So write proper copy for the image. Don’t simply take out a caption from the web and post it. Be genuine. If it is a photo of yourself then write about yourself, when was the photo taken, why it was taken etc. People love to read a story and when it is good they don’t mind following you.


Don’t buy Instagram followers

On the web you will find many links that will suggest you to buy active Instagram followers or get followers app. Some will even tell you to install a free Instagram follower app or a Instagram liker app. Don’t fall for it. You might get the followers that the app promised, but only for a short period of time. And moreover, those followers will never like your pictures as they followed you not because they liked your pictures but because they used a similar follower app.


As i had mentioned earlier, the key to start getting more followers is to provide rich content for others to consume. It is a step by step process and if done properly, it can fetch you thousands of followers over a period of time.


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