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How to get that First Meeting with an Investor or VC

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So, your startup or your product is ready. You now want to get in touch with an investor to raise funds. Just message an investor and he will give you the money. 

This is what most of us think will happen when we message an investor. But the reality is that it doesn’t. As entrepreneurs we think that our startup is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind. So, when an investor doesn’t reply to your mail you come up with feelings like “How can an investor choose not to reply to me? It cannot happen.”

Remember, first impression is the most important impression

But it does happen. And it happens for a reason. Investors get bombarded with hundreds of mails every day. These mails comprise of business pitches across different categories. It is very important to catch the attention of the investor in the first message itself. 

I had personally tried a ton of ways to get in touch with investors. After many disappointments I was able to find the best way to do it. By best I mean, when I started doing this, I got close to 100% of replies from the investors that I had conducted. 

It’s no rocket science. It’s just the way you write which will elicit a response from an investor to know more about your product or service. I have put it down in the form of an ebook. This eBook contains a few steps which you need to work on.

You can download the book from the link below.


how to get the first investor meeting


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About the author:

Gaurav Bora is the founder and CEO of The Insider Media Corp that runs BangaloreInsider and KeralaInsider. He is a serial entrepreneur who firmly believes in the adage “You never know until you try.” He is also an Atal Innovation Mission Mentor of change. To get in touch with him send him a DM on Instagram (iamgauravbora) or Linkedin 


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