How to beat traffic in Bangalore?

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Tech and traffic are the words that can sum the entire Bangalore vibe. The capital city of Karnataka is home to the most intellectual techies, blooming gardens, fancy pubs, and not to mention – the congested roads. On a lighter note, it’s often joked that you must leave at least two hours before to be on time in Bangalore. So why the most technologically advanced metro city has the worst traffic and most importantly, what can be done about it? Let’s find out?

Reasons for Congestion in Traffic-

  • Inefficient Planning:

Bangalore had been a bustling city for decades; the city was already a hub to corporates before an effective transport system could come into play. Generally, when a city is planned, the commutation plan goes hand in hand. This had not been the case with Bangalore; due to the ample resources, it became the first choice for the industrialists and businessmen to invest in. But, no attention was paid to traffic control.

  • Population: 

Being a prominent cyber hub in the country, it houses large corporate firms and their employees. Every year numerous people shift to Bangalore in search of better jobs and opportunities. The city houses 10 million people, and with the increasing population, there’s a need for an enhanced transportation system.

  • Vehicle Control:

The sonic development projects need a lot of raw material, and the truck and lorries which carry them inside the city often become the focal point of traffic congestion. The reason being that there’s no fixed timing for the entry of big vehicles. Apart from the mammoth engines, there’s a vast population that uses two-wheelers, and there’s no separate lane for them.

The poorly constructed roads are a prominent contributor to the traffic issues. Broken roads, potholes, improper lane marking, etc. add to the jam, causing things to worsen in the monsoon.

  • Public Transport System:

The construction of an expansive metro line is going on with the meticulous efforts of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL). But the pace had been quite slow because of multiple reasons. Moreover, the city does not have a public transport system that connects it to the airport. It is only wise to refer to Bangalore metro timings before leaving for work.  

Your Way around the Traffic-

  • Trust Technology:

The technology around us has never been so refined and efficient. From Alexa to Siri, the virtual assistants have added soothing ease to our lives, how about making use of them? On one scroll of your finger, you can get access to multiple bike rental companies which offers bike to your destination; the only job you’ve to do here is to compare them on this online platform to find and get the best bike rentals for your commute. Renting bikes have been proved to be an effective way to manage time and money that you spend on your daily commute. 

Analyze the traffic trend on various routes on platforms such as Google Maps and the time taken in covering the distance. For example: If there are two routes, say A and B to your office with a difference of 10 km(s) between them, but the route with shorter distance is the main road, and you’ll waste a lot of time being stuck there, so for a change try the longer route with less congestion on the road.

  • Avoid Peak Hours:

This may sound insane, but this is one of the most practical answers to your traffic woes. Out of habit and the consistent working schedule, the entire mass commutes in a similar time frame, which leads to unnecessary chaos. A unique way to get out of this never-ending whirlpool of honking and cussing is to depart early or post the peak hours. The working class may find it difficult, but this idea can change the traffic scenario for you. 

  • Public Transport:

With the advent of the Namma Metro, the whole traffic situation has calmed a bit. A joint venture of the Karnataka government and Government of India, Bangalore metro links the four corners of Bangalore with its purple and green line. Launched in various phases, the program focuses on establishing an efficient and fast-paced transport system. The purple line connects Baiyappanahalli to Mysore Road, and the green line links the Nagasandra and Yelachenahalli. The program looks forward to expanding the underground routes and making it more accessible than ever. Apart from creating a well- connected system, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) also addresses the fare concern; here are two modes of payment – tokens and smart cards. The fare base is nominal compared to other transport, and if an individual is a daily commuter, they can save a lot more by using the smart card.

  • Work in Harmony:

Let’s not forget; a system only works best when the people involved in work in harmony. It is crucial to understand your role in the development of a well-connected transport system in the city. We hate when people drive out of their way or overtake at an insane speed, but if we contemplate honestly, we do it too. It’s imperative to recognize our flaws and driving habits and correct them. The trail to safe and responsible driving habits is very easy – follow a single lane and keep your speed in check. It might happen that the lane you choose will be moving slow, but then moving off to the alternate option available will only create a ruckus for you and fellow drivers.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Chaos:

Inching a step closer towards sane driving, it is vital to avoid unpleasant situations. There are many riders in the same lane as yours, ranging from the veteran truck drivers to teenage noobs; you cannot vouch for everyone’s driving skill. Some of them might use the wrong indicator, change lanes, or flash fluorescent beam headlights. These are the few things you can’t do anything about. Try avoiding them even if you fall prey to their actions. You might end up wasting your time in unnecessary shenanigans.

At last, you can also choose to stay nearby your workplace and avoid routine travel. Better traffic controlling system and removal of unauthorized parking can also be a few of the solutions to the chaotic scenario; however, let’s not miss our bit in making it congestion-free.

Happy driving, and stay safe!


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