How 99rpm is changing the spare parts industry in India?

India is a rich country in terms of diversity, culture, and much more. Being such a diverse nation, you can expect it to have an equally high number of problems as well. And the one sector that faces a lot of problems is the spare parts market. With the availability of cars everywhere, finding spare parts for these cars is a tough task indeed.

Thus, with such problems sparks the growth of startups that cater to the needs of the rise in demand. Not everyone in India’s has the financial strength to provide all the repairs and servicing costs of their cars. Such that economy cars are the way to go and getting it repaired form a third-party garage is the best solution indeed.

99rpm is a company that is targeting this very industry in providing a comprehensive take on solving the draught in spare parts availability. 99rpm founder happens to be an IIT graduate named Pankaj Yadav; it’s a site the caters to all the needs of the spare parts requirements in the country.


Current issues the country faces in terms of spare parts?

Well, to start things off, if you want any spare parts, then the company’s service center would be the first place to check out. It may or may not be available. Even if it is, the cost would be extremely high due to the unavailability of the part. Secondly, you could check out your local service station, but once again, the chances of the parts being present are close to nil. Lastly, ordering online is merely dumping your money into the site and forget about it.

But then even if you find the right parts for your vehicle, several things have to be authenticated.


The spare part needs to have the best fit and has to be genuine. The right fit is what everyone is looking out for.


The parts that you order or looking out for has to be 100% genuine and original from the factory.


Prices of spare parts can shoot up if the factory stops manufacturing it. Thus, look out for options which can compensate for quality overpricing and vice versa.


How 99rpm caters to all the problems?

Several people ask that “is 99rpm genuine?” well it’s an eCommerce site that showcases more than 500 parts for roughly around three models. The entire business model of the company is just a testing ground. There is no market size as of now and is looking into B2B offerings in plans.

Often, when you order a part, 99rpm delivery time has a standard waiting period of 2-15 days. Based on the availability, the duration can reduce or increase. There is no inventory, only when a customer places an order is the product searched and delivered to the customer. But the site aims to streamline processes in the coming future to provide a seamless experience indeed.

The overall functionality of the site remains sufficient in offering precisely what consumers requests. The site is still in its early stages, and most of the 99rpm parts that you see on the website are based on consumer requests. Thus, the company is open for feedback and suggestions on making it better for the masses to adopt in finding spare parts effectively.

In the coming days, you can expect the site to develop gradually and provide better products and customer service. A more substantial inventory and better delivery experience are what the company is striving to achieve such that acquiring the online domain of spare parts turns to reality. The site aims in gaining customer trust such that the site can expand and aim towards becoming the eCommerce site it thrives on developing.



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