From besties to business entrepreneurs: the inception of Purple Turtle.

It’s funny that starting a business can be so simple. Well, all you need is an idea, right? It’s not the same for everyone as there much more to it. Radeesh Shetty and Gaurav Rai are two residents of Bangalore that head out to help their friend set up her house and indeed discovered the sadening take on lamps which indeed didn’t make any sense whatsoever. Thus, taking this in mind, the duo established Purple turtles to give the people of India a unique venture of looking at lamps. As of today, it’s spread its arms across the industry of furniture, and lighting accessorise that certainly makes it interesting indeed.


The journey of the Purple Turtle Bangalore


The duo started as friends and graduating from St Josephs arts and science college in Bangalore. After which they started working in corporate jobs before founding the company when they both quit it and after experiencing the worst lighting offers the country offered to its customers. Thus, it was a company that was just new and had no experience whatsoever in the lighting business.


But it was all fruitful all thanks to friends and family members who helped them in securing their first order which was based on goa. They showcased what they were worthy of doing and, thus lead to a firm order received by the company and elevated their expertise further towards the retail space.


Brand establishment


Purple turtle lights Bangalore certainly had the knack of doing something different. They secured several high-profile deals from Google, Accenture, TCS, Microsoft, Facebook and many more to help them in decorating their offices into something different. Thus, they did and being an Indian brand; it helped in establishing their company successfully without any hurdles.


But then hurdles were the game that soon followed when they wanted to take their company online but filed on that venture, so they sought after retail space in Indiranagar were several people walked in and bought things right off the shelf. The lowest product was for 300 rupees, and it could go anywhere up to a lakh.


Present Purple turtle


It was no looking back after they set up their first retail outlet; they spread their branches and secured several other contracts. They also got the contract for lightening installation of T2 terminal in Mumbai and several other exciting projects throughout their existence. But then, finding the right craftsmanship for the task at hand for indeed a painful job. While many others kept the information a secret, it was once again family and friends that helped in securing architects and other creative individuals that helped them greatly into making the company where it is.


Thus, in the very first year of their inception, they had invested well over 20 lakh rupees and made over 45 lakh rupees. The current revenue is somewhere around ten crores and aims to increase that to 20 crores the following year.



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