Evolution of Counter-Strike – from Half-Life Mod to Global Offensive

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Small game titles disappear from the world of gaming dast while some big titles stay for a long time and it takes some time to forget all such games. Gamers remember some video games for generations as these titles are so huge and almost everyone in the industry knows them somehow. 

Counter-Strike is one of those big titles as it was the first game to introduce a team-based fight and you can only buy limited weapons based on the in-game currency. After the release of the latest Counter-Strike Global Offensive title, people are searching for the answer to the question that how this small game made it this far. In case you are searching for someone who could help you boost your account, then buy CS: GO Boosting service of 

Yearly Evolution of Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike – Half-Life mod (1999)

Thanks to those two guys who wanted to modify the Half-Life game by deleting the whole story and heroes from the game and add something more fun to it. They ended up creating a system where players will be divided into two teams and each team has to complete specific objectives to win around. It is known as the beta version of the Original Counter-Strike game and it featured only two maps at that time. 

Counter-Strike (2000)

Valve company started developing a standalone Counter-Strike game all thanks to the boost up in the number of active players of counter strike servers and they wanted something more than just a mod. It was a better version of the original beta and was officially known as Counter-Strike 1.6. After the release of the update, it becomes the ultimate esports title. 

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (2004)

This title used the same engine as the first Counter-Strike game but there was a separate story mode that features a battle against real enemies and objectives to complete story missions. It featured both single-player game mode and multiplayer game mode to take the gaming to a whole new level. Improved texture of the surrounding world, maps, and characters made it the best game of the time in its league. 

Counter-Strike: Source (2004)

Valve tried releasing two Counter-Strike titles in one year as they wanted to experiment with a new engine and check its performance to adopt it as the official engine of Counter-Strike. Although the original version of the game gained more popularity, still it was a nice experiment to try something new. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2012)

Counter-Strike Global offensive is the most popular title by the original franchise and since its release, it has always remained at the top whenever it comes to a multiplayer team-based game. International Esports competitions with a big amount of prize money also contributed to an all-time favorite title of professional gamers. It doesn’t matter that Valve doesn’t release any title since 2012 as they are constantly working to make the gameplay of Counter-Strike Global offensive better than ever before and introducing new things every day.


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