digital nomad

Running a Business and Traveling? It’s Doable with These 5 Tips

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digital nomad

It almost seems like an oxymoron. How can you possibly run a successful business while satisfying your wanderlust? And yet, some do it – quite successfully, as a matter of fact.

People start their own businesses because they like the freedom and independence they have to “call their own shots” and set their own goals, schedules, and general work lifestyle. This general attitude about work can also transfer to their personal lifestyles, especially the priority of independence.

When that desire for independence translates to the desire for travel experiences, it means that satisfying the “need” includes running a business while on the go.

Can it be done? The short answer is yes, given the technology of today. But it will take a lot of planning and organization to be a successful digital nomad.  After all, you will need to be available to those who are in the trenches back home; you will need to make decisions from afar. The changes in time zones alone will mean that you keep odd hours during your travels and that you will have to schedule your experiences around the needs of your team at home.

Here are some tips that will help you make this dual lifestyle successful.


The Hours

As mentioned above, you will face challenges related to time zones. You have to accommodate your team back home and respect their working hours. This means that you will have to keep odd hours yourself.

The best thing you can do is pick the hours during which you will be most productive and “hit it” during those times. Complete your task responsibilities, analyze the information you receive from home, make decisions, and then communicate via messaging or email. Your team will receive those during their normal work hours. If video conferencing is necessary, set it up in advance when your team will be together at work.


Automate as Much as Possible

If you have a team back home, one of the organizational planning “must do’s” is to set a schedule of reporting ahead of time. Whether you want this reporting weekly, bi-weekly, or whatever, you want to know any issues with clients; any new clients brought on board, and customer service concerns, etc. If you know when those reports are coming in, you can plan not to be on top of a mountain at that time. You can review them upon receipt and give direction right away.

Automate whatever you can in the communication between you and your team or between you and your clients (if you are a solopreneur).


Wi-Fi is a Must

If you are traveling to global destinations, you will find yourself with “iffy” Wi-Fi in certain places. This is not acceptable. You have to have access around the clock. If you are in a place with sporadic or poor access, there are some options.

Purchase a 4G hotspot device that will keep your connection consistent and reliable, 24/7

Look for co-working spaces. They now exist in almost every major city in the world. You can rent space and have consistent Internet. Plus, you have some real workspace when you need it.

wifi is a must for digital nomad


Find the Balance

You have chosen to run a business remotely because you have a passion for travel and grand experiences. It’s easy to get caught up in those experiences and let business demands slide. On the other hand, it is easy to be so concerned about your business that you miss out on the whole purpose of your nomadic lifestyle.

Everyone must find his own level of balance between these two. Only you can determine what proportions are right for you. But do find it, or you will end up unhappy with both aspects of your new lifestyle.


Do Go Home Occasionally

An absent boss is not the issue that it once was. There is Skype, messaging, phone calls, and project management software that will allow collaboration in real time. Still, there is something about face-to-face contact. Plan ahead for visits home so that you can meet with your team, show your appreciation, and plan ahead for your next departure.

Travel and business ownership can be compatible. Use these tips and any others you discover to feed both of your passions – entrepreneurship and travel.



Author Bio: Daniela McVicker, freelance writer and editor for TopWritersReview, a writing services review site, understands the digital nomad lifestyle. She has been one for many years now. “Nothing like it,” she says, “as long as you set a schedule and keep it.”

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