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Technology has made day to day life more comfortable and enhanced the way we live our lives. Often there are countless searches made on the internet about various things. But the most common search that is made on a daily basis is for “mobile phones.”

Yes, in today’s modern-day society, there are more phones than people on earth. But why wouldn’t there be that many searches, with newer handsets coming in daily, it’s evident that mobile phones would be leading the search industry.


Thus, for mobile phones being on the constant high of being searched, a startup is known as “phone curry” has taken the initiative of providing a simple solution in your mobile hunt. Sahil Bajaj’s brainchild and the sole purpose of the website being started was to provide constant feedback and updates on what’s happening in the mobile universe. To give consumers a perfect take on what is the right buying option form the various available options.

Based on the pricing and several other factors, mobiles can be segregated through phone curry compare features to determine the phone that is suitable for your taste. Hence, let’s dive a bit deeper into the subject and see what paved the way for the establishment of phone curry. Let’s get started.

The idea behind phonecurry?

Phone curry is a company that helps consumers choose the best mobile handset based on various aspects. These could include camera quality, battery life, screen resolution, pricing, and much more. The founder of phonecurry, Sahil Bajaj, believes that several Indian mobile reviewing sites have a lot of technical jargon crammed into their websites.

Such that it doesn’t do justice in helping people find their right phone. Thus, he believed in proving information of a particular handset in a toned-down and understandable version such that several people can understand and choose the phone that they require wisely.

What makes phonecurry different from the rest?

Several features make phonecurry different from other mobile handset reviewing sites. Such as.

Extensive search options.

Phone curry comparison is a perfect example of what makes it different from the rest. There are options for choosing the best mobile handset for the given handset under 10000-15000 rupees and so on. There are other features of real-time comparison with the specifications, launch date, pricing, and other aspects of the mobile handsets.

Simple user interface.

The overall site is straightforward and not complex to use at all. Everything is just there. And anyone can find the perfect phone that they are searching for with few clicks.

Summarized options and quick decision making.

The site offers a constant update of the latest and greatest happenings in the mobile handset universe. Such that there is a phone curry latest segment that helps in knowing the newer mobile handset coming into the market soon.

How does phonecurry make money?

The entire site is based on information which is neither biased nor unbiased. Everything that you see on the website is free to use, and the information is free of cost. But the site makes its income through advertisements. But not through any ads, these are catered to the mobile handset industry such that it can make a difference for the people to check out.

Also, they have tie-ups with vendors to helps them market their shop on the site to improve sales and boost productivity. But shortly, it might follow an eCommerce route. But the possibilities are of plenty as of now.

How are the mobile handset reviews on phonecurry?

Well, the site just being constructed initially, reviewing a phone physically would be an expensive task. Thus, the site takes reviews to form other review channels and goes through multiple websites and domains to figure out the pros and cons of a particular handset.

The technology used for the website?

The overall construction of the website is based on PHP/MySQL. The overall design and overlay of the site are all based on search orientation. Any user can check out the website and are given the choices of choosing the phones based on their criteria’s. These criteria are segregated based on prices, release dates, and much more. Phone curry top 10 is a list that is updated regularly to give you the best in terms of pricing, camera features, camera abilities, and much more. Each segment has a top 10 category.

Thus, an exciting site that caters to the masses about picking the right phone. Often Indians try to buy the most expensive mobile handset on the market and end up disliking it. Sites like phonecurry help people in understanding what the mobile handset has to offer to make a wise choice of selecting the perfect handset according to their will and wish.

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