A more in-depth insight into the upbringing of Librarywala.

Insight on the upbringing of Librarywala.

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The brainchild of four college-going students, Hiten Dedhia, Hiten Turakhia, Dhairyasheel Pawar and Shibanarayan Rath started Librarywala.com. Many of you might be thinking about what makes it unique? But the fact that you get free delivery service along with no late return charges does make the services appealing for thousands of bookworms across the country.

About Librarywala

About Librarywala

Netflix inspired Librarywala. Yes, the US-based online DVD rental service is what inspired the company comes into existence. In the year 2007, they launched the company that provided the same service for books where people could search their library and rent out books. With free home delivery and pickup, you could expect the company to grow substantially.

As of now, several Librarywala reviews suggest that the company helps quench the needs of specific books. With well over 5000 registered users from Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore, the company promises to deliver books much faster with a 24-hour delivery guarantee from the time of selection.

What makes Librarywala.com different?

What makes Librarywala.com different?

The main differentiating point is the services that it has to offer. For the retention of members, it offers unique services such as home delivery; exemptions form late book return fees, and much more. Also, suggestions are often looked up carefully such that newer books can be stocked up based on the user’s demands.

Librarywala business model is quite economical, and there are no loopholes whatsoever. The overall website through which the company offers its services is user-friendly. With well over 13,200 books stocked up ranging from different genres in its Mumbai setup, its quite impressive indeed.

The Bangalore setup, on the other hand, has well over 9200 titles, and it can be reflected on the Librarywala Bangalore reviews that have spoken highly about the collection that the site offers. Not only this, but then the site also offers discounts and offers continuously. Another interesting point is that Librarywala buys books worth more than 80,000 rupees on a monthly bases to meet the demand and restock its inventory.

Early days of the company

Early days of the company

Initially, when the company was founded, they had to devise some unique offerings that could attract people to engage in business with them. But within the first six months of business, they procured 200 members.

The major setback arose when the delivery service came into effect. Well, it sure was a bottleneck at first. Because the courier service could only deliver the books to the customer’s address. Picking it up proved to be a significant constraint. Also, the delivery charges were extremely high for the courier service and did bring a lot of problems.

But resolving these issues whereby hiring delivery boys. As of now, the company employs almost 30 delivery boys that carry nearly 800 books across the thee cities. With constant innovation and growth, the company set its eyes on Bangalore and opened its setup in the city in the year 2008.

Later establishing the service in Pune. Such that running successfully in three different cities meant more revenue. And it showed clearly. The company made 17 lakh rupees within the first from its first year of establishment. Two years down the line, the company had a growth of more than 180% and revenue grew upwards of 46 lakh rupees.

Future plans of Librarywala

Future plans of Librarywala

The future looks bright, indeed. The company is striving to grasp the attention of a venture capitalist to help the company grow further. Also, the Librarywala app is being developed to receive SMS and notifications on book delivery and other messages from the company.

Online streaming of the books is in the works. Members can stream the books through their app or online in the coming future. Furthermore, collaboration with local libraries is another project set up in the coming future to help compete with the rising demand in terms of books from the users.

Thus, with its current operations running successfully in 10 cities across the country, the future is filled with unique ventures to take the company one step ahead in growth and visibility.

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