Bangalore’s best football turfs to have quality playing experience.

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Football fans are spread all across the world. The craze for football is thriving in India primarily in Bangalore. Bangalore hosts a variety of footballing events, and there are plenty of options that you can choose from when you feel like playing the sport.

No, we are not talking about street football, but then there are dedicated turfs where you can ply 3,4,5 a side football match that can undoubtedly give you the best time indeed. Hence, we have a lucrative list provided below. Take a look.


Best football turf in Bangalore.


The bull rings. (Indiranagar)


Bangalores most desirable football turf happens to the bull ring located in Indiranagar. It’s a five a side court that has FIFA Astroturf laid out. Also, it’s a turf that many footballing enthusiasts love playing upon. The rates are commendable, and the timings are from five in the morning to 12 in the night. Check it out to learn the true aspects of what the turf truly has to offer.


Tiento sports. (Shanti Nagar)


Located centrally within the city of Bangalore, it’s the hub for many individuals to take full advantage of the turf. There are several coaching classes and other footballing events that take place here, and it’s open from 5 in the morning to 10 in the night. The rates are reasonable but playing five a side is a maximum that you can take advantage of. Any more and it would feel like a crowded place to play.


The gamechanger. (Mathikere)


One of the few turfs in the city that is open 24/7, it’s the turf that many looks out for midnight matches. It’s the one-stop-shop for all your football necessities as they provide the ball and also the colour-coordinated training vests that you can put on to differentiate the teams. The entire turf is laid out while keeping the FIFA guidelines, thus getting the feeling of playing an original match is undoubtedly a blast.


iBlitz club. (Panathur)


The primary selling point of this court is that the pith is impressive. Yes, it’s one of the best pitches in the city. You get the best turf and also its only shut for 4 hours in a day. It’s open from 4in the morning to noon. Thus, resulting in 21 hours playing surface. Along with this, it’s one of the most fashionable turfs as well and being a local turf; you can challenge each other in matches which makes it a bit more exciting as indeed.


Magnum arena. (sarjapur main road)


The overall areas where its spread across is quite huge. You can play five a side or eight aside based on the number of players. While it might cost you significantly, getting the best experience from the court and ensuring that you have a peaceful time till 11 pm when it shuts down is undoubtedly a hard get in the city. The entire pitch is well maintained and ensure that you have the best footballing experience.


Hence, football is a sport that is spread into the veins of the millennials and has caused an uprise in demand for the football turfs to increase in the city. There might be an option for availing natural or artificial grass, but whatever it is, the game indeed brings joy and excitement to one’s playing and for the ones watching.



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