how to get rid of depression Lets You Talk To a Psychologist Privately One On One From The Privacy of Your Home

There are days in everyone’s lives when we feel lonely and depressed. You don’t feel like doing anything or going anywhere. All you want to do is to sulk and keep crying. You don’t feel like meeting anyone nor are you excited about your most favorite movie coming on TV.

It happens to everyone. We might have a bad day at office or had a breakup or had a quarrel with someone in the traffic signal. Let’s accept it. Everyone faces these kind of situations. Some of them can get out of it in an instant while for some people it becomes a pain. You keep thinking about it day in and day out. You are stuck in your house for days.

Is it normal? Can anything be done?

Yes. You can do something to get out of it. Typically what everyone does is to talk to a friend. That is an excellent thing to do. Your friend understands you and can offer valuable advice. You can open up in front of your friend without being judged.

But sometimes it doesn’t help. A friend can give you an advice for a particular kind of problem you are facing, but you do not know how good is that advice. Is it worth taking? Will you get worse if you take that advice? The matters of the heart and brain are sensitive matters. So ideally you want a person who is trained to give you the right advice.

There is a reason you go to a doctor when you are suffering from a cold and not to a friend. A friend can also tell you the names of a few medicines but he or she may or may not be right.

So what most of the people do is to go and see a counselor. The counselor understands the kind of things you are going through and can offer advice that will help you to get rid of it. The psychologist is an expert and knows exactly what is causing the pain and how exactly it can be dealt with. This expertise comes from their education and the experience that they have had.

But sometimes even going to a counselor seems to be an issue for many of us. The reasons can range from taboo to accessibility to unavailability. Even though we are growing as a society, still there are some things that exists as taboo. Depression is one of them. People are still not comfortable to visit a psychologist. That is because people are scared that someone known might see them and what they might think about them.

We know that we should not think about these and in today’s world there should not be a place for these. But the fact is that it exists and people care about these stupid opinions.

So what do we do? How can we make it better?

How can we make it easier for anyone to have access to a psychologist? is doing exactly this by enabling people to have a video consultation with a psychologist in private. Beamitlive is completely secure and your privacy is guaranteed. On Beamitlive you can access the profiles of some of the best psychologists and have a video counselling with them from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Forget traffic problems, forget those prying eyes, forget about being from a place with no good psychologists. Beamitlive solves everything for you. is a Bangalore based company and its mission is to break the barriers of distance. Beamitlive believes that no matter where one is born or where one lives, people should not be deprived of things that matter. On Beamitlive, experts from different fields have their own online video counseling channel.


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