Top 5 startups in Bangalore

Top 5 startups in Bangalore

“NAMMA BENGALURU” or also known as “the Silicon Valley of India” has certainly bought out some impressive startups in Bangalore. An IT hub for many, it’s certainly provided the infrastructure and playground to push out a list of startups in Bangalore. Thus, let’s have a closer look at the top 5 startups that the city has bought to the bigger picture.

  • Flipkart.


For those who have been living under a rock and have no clue what “Flipkart” is? Then it’s an e-commerce website that was established back in the year 2007. Hailing to be one of the best online startups in Bangalore, it’s the brainchild of IIT Delhi alumni, Sachin Bansal, and Binny Bansal. Since its operation, it has revolutionized the way online shopping sector of India has been operating. Its current net value is in the region of 11 billion dollars and growing.


  • Hacker Earth.

    Hacker Earth

Often, recruiting professionals in never an easy task. Hacker Earth is one such startup in Bangalore that was created by Sachin Gupta and Vivek Prakash that aims to solve all recruiting problems — established by the end of 2012, its already established a firm reputation in the recruitment industry. They have a noticeable list of clients such as Symantec, Adobe, Wipro, and much more. Hailing, as a recruitment solutions firm, they have huge corporates give a run for their money.


  • Big Basket.

    Big Basket

In a country like India, where people never consider buying groceries online, Hari Menon founded Big Basket that helped changed the mindset of Indians completely. Buying groceries has never been more natural, and all thanks to Big Basket, it’s become seamless. Yes, it was never an easy task to set up if not the best food startup in Bangalore. But the efforts are slowly paying off. With constant setbacks from the market that it was designed to acquire, the company managed to thrive under Menon’s guidance. As of now, the company has managed to raise well over $150 million from investors and plans to add more eight cities to its feet of operations. Currently, it operated in well over 18 cities.


  • Myntra.


The company started the business as a B2B startup in Bangalore. Myntra specialized in personalized gifts but saw the open market of online shopping left barren. It quickly jumped into this sector and created a ripple in the online retail market of the country. Myntra is the brainchild of Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania and Vineet Saxena. It revolutionized the online shopping experience for clothes and accessories. Later it was acquired by another Bangalore based startup “Flipkart” for $330 million. Till date, it happens to be the biggest deal for an Indian online consumer market.


  • House joy.


Household services are in constant demand. But the platform the recognize the need was never available. Entrepreneurs Sunil Goel and Arjun Kumar recognized the need in this niche business and set to make a million-dollar empire. The company provides several services ranging from plumbing, laundry, computer repairs, and other household services. The portfolio of the company rises and never ends. Since its establishment ion 2015, its seen steady and constant growth throughout the ages. Its managed to raise $4 million in funding and attracted well over $22 million from amazon as funding.


Hence, several notable startups have transformed themselves into huge corporates. The number of startups in Bangalore is exceedingly upwards of 7,000 registered companies. Startup companies in Bangalore offer a perfect training ground; enhances your skills and talents as well. You can start your very own startup in Bangalore that could set to be the next revolution in this technology-oriented world. A simple idea with careful planning can turn out to be a million-dollar business.