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Are You an Entrepreneur or a Businessman ? Know the difference between the two

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Difference between a businessman and an entrepreneur? Are they same or different?

To some extent both the terms are very closely related as both give business. About 90% people have a misinterpretation that both the words carry the same meaning and because of which both are used interchangeably. They can often be visualised as the two sides of a coin.

A Businessman is a person who works upon an existing idea  but an Entrepreneur is a person who starts an enterprise with a distinctive idea .

A Businessman is categorised as a person who is completely involved in the business process as a player, but an entrepreneur is a leader who leads the process strategically.

A Businessman starts to work on a particular concept to meet his requirements and makes it as his profession to achieve financial equilibrium.

But when we contemplate entrepreneurs, they are typified as the innovators who possess the vision for future and sustainability, not only just for money but for the perquisites of future generations.

What is the key difference between businessmen and an entrepreneur?

The answer lies in the state of mind. But how come?

The base to differentiate between the two is ‘the way of thinking’.


Entrepreneurs are more of an opportunist and potential possibility thinkers to put things to good use. While, on the contrary Businessmen exemplify the analytical mindset. Rather than focussing on the innovation and metamorphosis, businessmen behold the profit of their organization.

A businessman has no novice concept to start with, all he is concerned about is the buying, selling of goods and generating profits. Discoverer of an idea makes a person an entrepreneur with an aim to develop that idea without thinking of the profit side.

The whole idea to enlighten you all viewers about businessmen and entrepreneurs is the logical positivism behind the existence of both the personalities. Now, illuminating the optimistic aspect is that both the businessmen and entrepreneurs:

  • Provide jobs to the unemployed
  • Perfect solutions to customer needs
  • Enhancing the economy of the country

Businessmen define their success on grounds of business success and success of their stakeholders. While, an entrepreneur leaves his/her footprints on the sands of time, for others to follow to become successful. Both businessmen and entrepreneurs are the personalities unique in their own, but their work in the common interest of the people is the crux.


[ Gaurav is a startup enthusiast and a content writer who likes to write about things that catch his attention.]


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