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Who are we?

Bangalore Insider is Bangalore’s own insider portal for everything positive. Bangalore Insider is a part of The Insider Media Corp that runs Bangalore Insider, Kerala Insider, Melody Insider and Chennai Insider and Goan Insider.

Our Story

Every one wants to be happy. There is no single person in this world who will not like to be happy. But quite often, we do not realize that even though we want to be happy we do not do the things that make us happy. In fact, we do just the opposite.

Most of the people start the day by reading the newspaper. It used to be  great habit. But not anymore, considering the amount of negative news that the current newspapers publish. After reading these news early in the morning, we soak in some of that negativity and that affects the rest of our day.

The Insider Media Corp’s main mission is to spread positive news and stories to the people. Stories that can inspire you, stories that can help you work towards your goals and dreams.


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Meet the Team

Meet the team that brings to you those amazing stories of people and their achievements.

Gaurav Bora

Gaurav Bora

Founder & Ceo, Insider Media Corp

Gaurav Bora is the founder and CEO of The Insider Media Corp. He is a serial entrepreneur who firmly believes in the adage “You never know until you try.” He is also an Atal Innovation Mission Mentor of change. To get in touch, connect with him on Instagram or Linkedin.

Bhumika Ambwani

Bhumika Ambwani

Senior Editor, Bangalore Insider

Bhumika is the woman behind making Bangalore Insider so successful. She did her post-graduation in marketing. She holds a total of 7.5 years of experience. She enjoys connecting and interacting with a whole bunch of talented people. And the stories of startups keep her motivated as well

Necin Lazar

Necin Lazar

Chief Editor & Co-founder of Kerala Insider

Necin Lazar is the chief editor and co-founder of Kerala Insider. She did her MBA from Manchester University and worked with various MNC s over the years. Having a keen interest in entrepreneurship and startups she later worked with few startups which gave rise to co-founding KeralaInsider. Through her articles she would want to get inspired and inspire other readers about individuals and startups who have taken the big step.

Sandhya Naraynan

Sandhya Narayanan

Editor at Chennai Insider

Sandhya is a 23 year old Chartered Accountant and a blogger. She likes to live at the cross-section of people, ideas, learning and happiness which is exactly what excites her to be a part of this media group, amidst the finance career. Welcome to Chennai Insider, be a part of us in the journey with the powerful drug of words to spread cheer and positivity!