We are at fault for this cricketer’s sexist remarks against women

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Well, everywhere I went in the last few days, I was asked only one question – “Did you see the episode of the chat show with the cricketers?” Every time I was asked this question I had to say no. Because frankly, I did not; and I am not big a fan of that show either. But what happened in that interview certainly cannot be ignored.

In order to know what happened out there, I had to scramble through all my contacts to get a piece of the news (the online streaming website was quick to take down the episode). When I heard what happened, I was not surprised. I mean, don’t we all know how some of these cricketers (I mean some and not all of them) behave when off the field. Or some of them even on the field.

So, this cricketer came up with some really distasteful sexist remarks in the show. The host kept asking him questions and he kept coming up with one remark after another. The remarks were not only sexist but also smelt of arrogance and “I am a star and I can do anything” kind of an attitude. He was too blatant in showing how “cool” he was. Someone please remind him that giving derogatory remarks against women is not cool. Telling what a stud you are is not cool at all. I mean, in your small bubble it might be, but hey, come out to the real world.

Derogatory remarks against women is not cool. Telling what a stud you are is not cool.

When the show aired, the audience was upset. Everyone started showing their anger in social media and soon it was too big for the channel or for the cricketer to handle. So the cricketer very conveniently apologized. I don’t know how many people accepted it but I think many people did. Soon the people will forget and the next time he scores a century the same people will go gaga over him again.

Do you see the point here? The actual culprit is not him but people like us who forget all past misdeeds the moment anyone becomes successful. Don’t you think that past misdeeds should only be forgotten if the person undergoes a change of heart and no longer remains the person who committed those misdeeds? To draw an analogy, don’t you think that a thief should be forgiven only if he completely renounces stealing and not because he becomes a popular politician.

But this is where we err. It is one thing to give an apology and another thing to continue thinking like the douchbag he was. We will never know if he sincerely has had a change of heart or is simply apologizing because things are not going his way. People lie to escape when they are pushed to the brink. It is a normal human tendency. The only criteria for forgetting this should be that he never behaves with another woman in the same manner ever again.

It is time we stopped giving too much importance to an achievement than on the fact that the person is a good human being or not. It is time we stopped making stars out of people who are excellent in their profession but are terrible human beings. We should make it known in strong terms that this kind of behavior against women won’t be tolerated again. The moment we stop treating these people as Gods is the moment these guys will learn to behave. It is upon us.


We keep telling that we should teach our boys how to behave with woman. If we are sincere in those thoughts, we should start acting on it.



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